Amended Schedule beginning July 12, 2020

  • Sunday morning Worship Services at 8:00 AM and 10:30 AM -  Services in the ABC Sanctuary (also posted to Facebook) 
  • Please note that there will be NO NURSERY FOR THE 8:00 service but your children are welcome to come with you into the sanctuary.
  • NURSERY IS PROVIDED FOR THE 10:30 SERVICE for bed babies through 3 year olds.
  • At 9:15 AM, Sunday School classes for all ages will meet in their regular classrooms
  • Sunday evening service is posted to Facebook and this website weekly
  • Wednesday Noonday - in the Fellowship Hall (no meal will be served)

    All video services are available on this website on the Video Links tab.

    The church office is staffed Monday through Thursday.. 

Family Challenge

  1. Make words from the letters in “Agricola Baptist Church” – Your family will have thirty minutes to find as many words as possible. No use of cell phones or computers, please. (April 19th)

  2. Snail Mail – As a family, brainstorm people to whom you would like to send a card or note of encouragement. (April 26th)

  3. Post-A-Poster – As a family, chose a group of people (caregivers, law enforcement members, mail carriers, business workers, etc) you would like to thank for their service. Be creative: any size or shape poster. (May 3rd)

  4. Sing-a-long – Post your family singing their favorite hymn. (May 10th)

  5. Clean Sweep – As a family, select a section of roadside near your home, church, etc. and make a clean sweep of trash. Adult supervision required. (May 10th)

  6. ID Who? – Baby pictures of staff, deacons and or church members will be posted on the church’s Facebook site. Join in with your family to identify all the cuties.

  7. Speed Quote – As a family, speed quote your favorite verse or books of the Bible. (May 24th)

  8. God’s Creation – Post a picture of your favorite nature spot. Be sure to identify the location and to give your name.

  9. Silliest Jokes – As a family or as an individual, post your silliest joke!

  10. Alphabet Drive – Take a family drive. Identify items in alphabetical order. You cannot move to the next letter until you have identified an item for each letter. See how far you can get.

  11. Go on a Bear Hunt – Enjoy a ride around your community counting stuffed bears or other stuffed animals that have been positioned on mailboxes or in windows. Post your favorite bear with you family’s total. Give someone in your family a “bear hug.”

  12. Organized Drive-In Prayer at the hospital or courthouse. Come as you are – Stay in your car.